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RNG Zombies Minecraft Server is a endless world full of massive cities, underground worlds, sewers and forests. The whole world can be destroyed and built upon. It is up to the player if they will destroy what's left and what others are trying to create, or to help repair this broken world overrun with the undead.

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Getting Started

Getting started in RNG Zombies can be somewhat more difficult than other servers. This is not a normal Zombie Survival server, players tend to try and kill all of the Zombies which does not work. Zombies will keep coming in hordes and your ammo will quickly be depleted. The large amount of zombies is intentional, it provides more fast paced game play and actually makes them a threat. The best thing to do is when you spawn is to try and find a forest and collect wood, kill the zombies in your way but do not seek them out or you will be overrun. This is still a normal survival server, you will need to go mining and make a base, it's just harder with other players having guns and zombies trying to kill you. Zombies do not spawn as much in sewers, underground, high up in buildings or mountains. They will spawn on roads in and around cities. Zombies spawn much less in the day and much more at night, just because it is day time does not mean you are safe.



Zombies spawn from level Y: 63 - Y: 70, they only spawn in streets and have a habit of flanking you when you are fighting other zombies.


Shamblers are slow moving and hard hitting


Bolters are fast moving and do less damage


Fast low health screaming zombies, these attract more zombies to you.


Factions settings are extremely altered in RNG Zombies, you can interact with other factions fully (opening chests, opening wooden doors, pressing buttons), the only thing you can not do to another faction is break/build on their land. You can not over claim other Factions, Factions in RNG Zombies provides land claiming. It's best paired with obsidian. The only way someone can raid an obsidian Faction claimed base is with explosives (Railgun, RPG, Grenades). The best explosive to use is Grenades, you can use these by themselves or with the Grenade Launcher. It is not recommend to use a Railgun or an RPG to raid as it is wasteful of resources.

Base Building

When building a base keep in mind other players can find it, break and destroy it. The best material to build with is obsidian. This is much harder to break with explosives.


Plugin Help

Below you will find entries for our biggest and most expansive plugins.





Liquid Tanks